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There’s a reason the smoking method of cooking has stuck around since the prehistoric days. It creates a taste like no other, and we’ve dug out the cutting-edge smokers to make this a reality in your backyard.

We do love our pizza, but surely everyone can appreciate the kind of great-tasting beef, pork, chicken, fish or vegetables that can only be made possible with a top-quality wood-fired smoker? Commonly associated solely with meats and American smokehouses, smokers create incredible flavours with all kinds of food, so long as you’re using the right pellets as fuel.

Our range of wood-fired smokers are designed to make the experience of cooking your favourite smoked foods outdoors as stress-free as possible. The method of smoking is somewhat of an art form, but we provide models equipped with cutting-edge mobile control technology to make your job a whole lot easier, allowing you to relax and enjoy time with your friends or family as your food is coated with a thick, even and delicious layer of smoke.

Hardwood pellets

That incredible flavour you’re after simply isn’t achievable without the right fuel. From experience, we know that the hardwood you use on your wood-fired smoker can make or break the finished product, and when used correctly, is the best way of bringing out a clean, natural flavour. We’ve thought ahead, and sought out the finest hardwood and blended pellets to create mouth-watering results on your wood-fired smoker. The moisture content of our pellets stays at a sweet 5%, ensuring the slow and dependable burn you need to create the best-tasting results.