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Wood Fired Ovens

When you’re making pizza a proper wood fired oven is essential for authentic results- but there’s also so much more you can cook in your oven than just pizza.

Want to trust that what you’re getting comes fully endorsed by professionals? You’re in luck. We’re passionate wood-fired experts who have been serving at events across the UK for over ten years. Every product available on our site has been used or is recommended by us.

Browse our range of pizza ovens and transform your outdoor cooking capabilities today.

Wood fired pizza ovens

Pizza ovens powered by burning wood could be considered the secret ingredient for making authentic Italian pizza at home.

They add more to your garden than a fresh method of cooking, however. Our ovens are not only an amazing cooking tool, they’re an awesome garden feature – a talking point even for friends and family who aren’t necessarily foodies.

Wood fired pizza ovens are also amazingly versatile, providing an outdoor oven for all kinds of meals, and double as an outdoor fireplace for warmth as the evening rolls around.

Portable pizza ovens

To some degree, all of the pizza ovens we offer are portable. Our metal ovens are not permanent garden features like a brick or clay ovens, but are easy to move around as you see fit.

Compared to a traditional fixed brick-built oven, there are other advantages too. Aside from the fact it arrives ready to use, they are much quicker to heat up too, with some taking as little as 10 minutes to get up to the ideal cooking temperature.

A portable pizza oven will turn your al fresco dining on its head. The garden party experience with a portable pizza oven, serving up stone baked pizza quickly and easily, is one that you’ll come to treasure. Cooking at temperatures over 350°C means pizzas done in 90 seconds – your friends and family will be amazed how quickly they get their food, and just how delicious home-cooked authentic pizza can be.