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BBQs & Grills

With a wood-fired BBQ, outdoor cooking is about more than just good food; it’s a whole new dining experience. The BBQs that we supply help take both the flavour and the experience to the next level.

Wood-fired cooking isn’t just limited to pizza ovens. Human beings have been barbecuing food for millions of years. Some may call it primitive, but we call it timeless. The reason this method of cooking has endured for as long as it has is because nothing tastes quite like meats and vegetables that have been cooked on a wood-fired BBQ. Why try to replicate that flavour when you can enjoy the real thing?

We only supply the best wood-fired BBQs and grills allowing you to enjoy your recipes anywhere you like, whether that’s al fresco in your back garden on a sunny day or in the great outdoors with your friends. All of our products have been used or endorsed by us, and our expertise is based on ten years of experience in wood-fired catering all over the UK.

Firewood, Briquettes & Hardwood pellets

The secret to outstanding wood-fired cooking is the right fuel for your fire. We understand that the hardwood you use to keep your wood-fired BBQ grill going can make or break the finished product, and when used correctly, is the best way of bringing out a clean, natural flavour in your food. That’s why we’ve taken the time to source a diverse range of kiln dried firewood, BBQ briquettes and hardwood pellets that are perfect for every type of use, making your outdoor wood fired cooking experience the best it can be.